Airport HUB

There are several ways to improve an airport hub.

Here are some ideas:

Improving the passenger experience: An efficient and pleasant airport hub for passengers is essential. This involves improving the reception, comfort and amenities of passengers in the terminals. For exemple the Hub of Paris CDG are not friendly for use, lack of service, expensive, very big, not confortable.

Improvements such as rest areas, quality restaurants, shops and workspaces can help improve the passenger experience.

Strengthen safety and security: Safety and security are important concerns for all airports. Airport hubs need to ensure that passengers and employees are safe and protected from potential threats.

Increase capacity: Airport hubs must be able to handle a large number of passengers at the same time. To achieve this, they can increase the capacity of terminals and runways, improve the management of queues and waiting times, and optimize the use of available space. for this exemple I’m taking the exemple of Paris CDG, the management queues are the worst ever experienced in my all career, this was never fixed, when holidays comes, nightmare go with it.

Improve connectivity: Airport hubs should be easily accessible by public transport and main roads. Investments in transport infrastructure such as roads, railways, waterways and public transport can help improve the airport's connectivity with surrounding areas; an other good exemple at Paris CDG, if you expect to ride by taxi driver straight to Paris in a minimum time, you are dreaming…. from 05h45 AM to the end of the days around 09h00 PM road are congestionned with a lot of traffic on all highways. the only one way to arrive on time in Paris and start your trip, it’s to get the RER the Metro or subway, but good look, your luggage are not friendly welcome, and the design of the infrastructure will make your experience as Hell.

Offer quality services to airlines: Airlines seek to maximize their efficiency and profits by using airport hubs. Hubs that offer quality services, such as short transit times, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services and efficient connection coordination, are more attractive to airlines.

Innovate using technologies: Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence can help improve efficiency and the experience for passengers and airport employees. Airport hubs can leverage these technologies to improve operations and reduce wait times.

In summary, improving an airport hub means ensuring that passengers, airlines and employees have a pleasant and efficient experience by optimizing operations, improving facilities and using the latest technologies. So Paris CDG will be a good study case for the rest of my blog.