the biggest pilot shortage arriving early than you expect…..

since few weeks now, we have seen , that most of the airline , are mass posting pilot recruitment on their website, or even on specialized platforms. ( check pilot global, PCC, pilot friend deck)

Many ACMI companies, claim that they have dry out all professional pilot in Europe ( pilot who have between 500/1000 hours flight experience) the rest of pilot they are applying right now in some biggest airline, because, they want to be close to their home.

an other things that most are not taking into account :

Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ATR just to name the four of them, are producing every month a total of 110 brands new aircraft, let’s say that represent a total of 1000 pilot (and I’m talking about business jet industries )

( in the others words that would make about 1000 pilots who should be recruited every month aprox)

an others fact that you have to get into account, some airline, are taking back some aircraft from the long storage, last exemple, Lufthansa, decided to reactivate all of their 340-600….

this is a bad news, for the others Airlines,

since few years many companies were choosing their pilot from the well known Flight school, so now they will not have choice to get any pilot from any…. the time where airline and chief pilot were choosing who they want it’s done.

All ABinitio are going to be recruit sooner, and what will be the consequences ? I have the answer…..

Good luck for all ABinitio.

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