Air Brexit Disaster for UK pilot and UK airline

Brexit has had a significant impact on commercial aviation in England, as the aviation sector is tightly regulated at European level.

Firstly, membership of the European Union allowed British airlines to benefit from unlimited traffic rights throughout the EU, as well as in third countries with which the EU had free-traffic agreements. -exchange. After Brexit, these rights were lost, meaning that UK airlines now have to negotiate bilateral agreements with each country in which they wish to operate.

Additionally, Brexit led to the UK's exit from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is responsible for certifying the safety of aircraft and equipment. This means that British airlines must now obtain safety certification from the British regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), before they can operate in the EU.

Finally, Brexit also resulted in the end of the free movement of people between the UK and the EU, which impacted the availability of labor for the aviation industry in England.

Overall, Brexit has therefore had a significant impact on commercial aviation in England, particularly in terms of traffic rights, safety regulations and the availability of manpower.

in all cases, all English pilots are forced to have a CAA license, to be limited to the UK job market, but also to be limited to the global pilot job market because countries outside of the UK have a clear preference for the EASA license.

the same goes in reverse for pilots who hold an EASA license, and who would like to work in the UK...

apart from the licenses mentioned above, we are not talking about problems related to obtaining work visas.

in other words, brexit has not been good for all parties, and especially for the commercial airline industry, because it limits the uk.

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