HR or HUMAN RESSOURCE are horrible in many airline, they have no idea about to treat people with humanity

here below some comment about the HR management of Qatar airways :

Mid years of 2022 / Still alot of resignations also due to lack of seeing family in Doha and horrible fatigue . Above 120 block hours 777 per month, 787/350 around the 100/month. 7-8 days off a month, 4 days block off possible 1x a month unless you have leave planned.

QR they treat their pilot like Merchandise


Mid years of 2022 /  Any mistake or unstable approach can be your last in the airline.

this is management by the fear...


so after reading this let’s take a look below :

Incident: Qatar B788 at Doha on Jan 10th 2023, steep descent after takeoff

A Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8, registration A7-BCO performing flight QR-161 from Doha (Qatar) to Copenhagen (Denmark), departed Doha's runway 16L in night time conditions at 02:00L (23:00Z Jan 9th) and had climbed to about 1800 feet when the aircraft entered a steep descent losing 1000 feet within 24 seconds. The aircraft was subsequently recovered, climbed out and continued to Copenhagen where the aircraft landed safely about 6 hours later.

According to information The Aviation Herald received on Feb 7th 2023 the first officer was pilot flying. At about 1600 feet the aircraft was cleared direct to the next waypoint and the first officer attempted to turn towards that waypoint flying manually and without flight director indications (the captain was slow to put the Direct into the FMS) but lost situational awareness sending the aircraft into a descent that reached 3000 fpm sink rate and exceeded the flap speed limits until the captain took control of the aircraft and recovered about 800 feet above water. The occurrence was not reported to the authorities and only came to light later….

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