Algiers Airport will be the new HUB and the future of AFRICA

Algiers - Houari Boumediene Airport is considered one of the main hubs in North Africa.

It is located in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, and is the country's largest airport. It flies to many domestic and international destinations, including cities in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In terms of air connectivity, Algiers airport has good infrastructure and offers a wide variety of airlines and destinations, making it an important hub for travelers looking to connect to other cities in Africa North and beyond. However, as with any airport, the quality of the passenger experience may vary depending on factors such as wait times, facilities and services offered.

just think if Air Algerie will buy the A321 xlr , they could make for all African country the entry door for Europe, avoiding saturated hub like CDG, LHR, FRA and others, also most passenger will gain time,

for exemple: it often happen that some people from Africa, have to make a 2 stop in Africa  , before they  make a transit in CDG to then go Marseille, it sounds crazy because your are not doing a straight line, doing this will make you loose garantie 4 hours.

just picture this in your mind, your are seated on the right side of the aircraft, flying out from Africa , then suddenly the captain will tell you, we are flying over Marseille, then start the first hours, the two hours transit in CDG, then an others hours back to Marseille so 4 hours….


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