Pilot shortage

Pilot shortage is a situation that occurs when the demand for pilots exceeds the available supply in the market. This situation can be caused by several factors, such as:

Increase in demand: The increase in the number of passengers and flights requires more pilots to fly, but there may be a shortage of trained pilots to meet this demand.

Aging pilot population: Many pilots are currently of retirement age, reducing the supply of qualified pilots in the market.

Cost of training: Training to become a pilot can be expensive, which may limit the accessibility of this career to some individuals.

Competition from other industries: Airlines may compete with other industries to attract skilled workers, which may affect the supply of pilots.

To address this pilot shortage, airlines can take several steps, including:

Increased compensation: Airlines can offer more attractive salaries and benefits to attract qualified pilots. they can handle a common problem the laundry of the uniforme… most pilot are complaining of loosing time to clean it, an other exemple that an airline can improve, it’s to offert a non iron shirt, I will develop it later.

Development of training programs: Airlines can develop training programs to train pilots, which can help increase the supply of qualified pilots, for exemple instead having a cadet program , they could get any pilot after graduation and initial training by offering a training contract to acquire the first 500 hours on jet for half of the income, than gradually pay the normal rate. most Airline a really loosing time by organizing their flight school, some pilot train themself just to pass the initial exam entry for the free studying paid by the airline.

another example, airline must not finance training programs under penalty, of some aspiring pilot train themself for exam entry preparation, only in order to take advantage of the company's prestige, or free training, an aspiring pilot must above all take the risk of training (get a mortgage), and to study if his or her project will be viable.

Improved working conditions: Airlines can improve working conditions for existing pilots to retain them and reduce pilot turnover. (offering a well balance life )

Use of technology: Airlines can invest in technology that reduces pilot workload, which can help attract qualified pilots and reduce stress on existing pilots.

In summary, the shortage of pilots can be caused by several factors, but airlines can take steps to deal with this situation and ensure an adequate supply of qualified pilots.

here below an article from Oliver Wynan providing good information of the future shortage :


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